I am an academic and consultant, currently working at the University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard in France, where I am an associate professor of software engineering and artificial intelligence.
I am also consultant in the domains of software engineering, simulation and cyber-physical simulation, and thus advises companies in their research and development projects on the evaluation, the design and the deployment of software applications, behavioral simulations and their associated visualization solutions (virtual environments, 3D).
Especially, for the design and development of virtual training environments or decision-helping tools.

This is my professional and personal site where I maintain information about my work in software engineering, simulation and multiagent systems.

I'm interested in research in complex systems and I teach courses in software engineering and multiagent systems. My particular expertise is in behavioral simulation where I'm interested in its interactions with people and organizations, especially in the view of its integration in the product lifecycle and staff training.

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